Full Locks is Created for Moms by Moms.
In 2016, I was a new mom. Up to that point, I had always had thick, healthy hair, and I believed that postpartum hair loss was a myth. After returning home from the hospital, I began finding hair in my brush, on the floor and all over the shower. For the first time in my life, I was suffering from hair loss, low self-esteem and depression.
I started the search for a product that could help me gain my hair and confidence back while providing nutrients for my nursing baby. I wasn’t able to find anything that met my needs so with the help of my own mom, I decided to create one.
We are a mother/daughter team striving to help women everywhere feel beautiful and healthy in their own skin. We know that pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body.  Full Locks is here to help women restore hair, skin, and nail strength while continuing to provide basic nutrients for themselves and their nursing babies.  We are committed to support the health and wellness of women everywhere by using only the best ingredients in our multi-vitamin. 
We hope you love the new you because we sure do! 
Miranda & Denise